NSW Labor, fighting for rural NSW

    Posted: Friday, 18 March 2011 | By: Kristina Keneally

    Regional NSW is the backbone of our State’s economy, supporting both country and city communities.

    That’s why Labor has a strong history of delivering real results for hardworking rural families.

    That’s why we invested a record $3.5 billion dollars on regional roads in the last budget alone.
    That’s why 74% of our entire roads budget for the state is spent outside of Sydney. Because country families deserve a safe travel, and market access for our regional producers is essential to the strength of our economy.

    And that’s why last year’s budget saw $4.4 billion put aside for rural andregional health services – and that figure will continue to grow.

    The health agreement I won for NSW protected the interests and the special funding needs of our regional hospitals; and delivered 163 extra beds and $11 million in new equipment for 51 hospitals.

    This will ensure that rural hospitals remain viable and can meet the needs of local communities.
    Labor is also growing our regional centres; so that country kids have a choice of careers in their own community.

    We have strengthened the economic development of regional NSW, through the worst drought in almost a hundred years and through some of the toughest global economic conditions in memory.

    During these challenging economic conditions, more than 129,000 new jobs have been created in regional NSW since May 2007 – more than twice as many as the Coalition is promising in the next 4 years.

    And this is most important, because it shows how Labor really supports regional NSW, and not just when it is popular to do so.

    And we will continue to support young people with the skills and education they need - investing $5.2 billion in rural and regional education this year alone; and creating 3,000 fully-funded training places for apprentices.

    In these ways, and in so many others, Labor has shown itself to be the protector of jobs and services, and a support of families right across this State.

    A re-elected Labor Government will continue to deliver record investment and real results for rural and regional communities – because we recognise rural NSW is key to the prosperity of all NSW communities.

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  • Posted: Tuesday, 19 April 2011, 14:30 | By: S from REDFERN , NSW

    I apologise for the misspellings in prior post. Name should be read Keneally of course and the word "deserted" instead of "deserve". Being ignored constituant, I still hopelessly hope for Ms Keneally' attention

  • Posted: Tuesday, 19 April 2011, 14:23 | By: S from REDFERN , NSW

    I am constituent of Ms Keneally and she has never made her available for meeting. Problem was taken down to the paper and sent to the wrong person to answer. My documents were sent to the person who is in fact making wrongdoing and the expected answer would be that everything is resolved - that is exactly what was sent to me. Letter after letter I was explaining to Ms Keneally that matter concerning of the established scheme of change of names in NSW BDM Registry is in fact the scheme facilitating identity fraud and that she then Prime Minister and Attorney-General have legislative power to do something about this. Ms Keneally could not care less. The scheme was established in 1995 - first year the ALP got power and they run it all 16 years in power. I have just called to her electoral office again and Phil once again refused me any meeting or talk to Ms Keneally. Ms Keneally you did not represent me on the first place when my documents have being in your office for few months and then you sent it to the wrong person to answer! Matter have required your personal attention and your personal directions - that is what I have put on the paper time after time. This country require identity law to survive. Correct records of personal information would be the answer to the elections results, to the issue of people who "lost" in the country overstaying visas, to the issue of unemployment figure and government benefits expenditure, correct figure for the housing needs and educational institutions needs. What is established in the state of NSW is factory of identity sitting on the government printers. Once case of retrospective registration of common law names was before the court, the BDM Register has submitted false statements and has destroyed the original documents (all is an offence as under criminal code so must not be done under limited authority to destroy documents). While the decision on the case was made in just one issue, other few issues have never being before the court. We might have big problems with the courts where accepted into reasoning false statements and evidences. In one thing Ms keenly seems was right - people did not deserve ALP, that is ALP who deserved the people. Ms Keneally, I still have hope to meet you so to talk about identity law which this country desperately needs and about amendments to the BDM Registration Act and Regulation that I have proposed by my Petition (you have totally ignored the Petition).

  • Posted: Saturday, 26 March 2011, 17:58 | By: Frank from Surry Hills , NSW

    Hopefully Labor is out. We've had enough of Kristina and JuliaR is next on the list.

  • Posted: Monday, 21 March 2011, 12:13 | By: Lucas from Manly , NSW

    Labor has definately not forgotten our mates in the bush.

  • Posted: Saturday, 19 March 2011, 10:53 | By: Amy from Granville , NSW

    Not to mention the public service JOBS you've delivered to the bush.

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