A new standard for Labor

    Posted: Sunday, 3 February 2013 | By: John Robertson

    Any person found to have behaved corruptly will be expelled from the NSW Labor Party and factions will no longer be permitted to bind Members of Parliament, under changes announced by NSW Labor Opposition Leader John Robertson today.
    The changes form part of 'A New Standard' for Labor and Government unveiled by Mr Robertson during an address to the Western Sydney Regional Assembly in Parramatta.

    Mr Robertson said: "Let me start by giving you an ironclad commitment - I will not tolerate  corruption."

    "Under my leadership, any person found to have engaged in corrupt conduct will be expelled from the Labor Party.

    "This zero tolerance approach to corruption will be enforced immediately."

    Mr Robertson will also seek to amend Labor caucus rules to ban the practice of faction binding. 

    "Labor has a long tradition of caucus solidarity where issues are debated fiercely in the party room but members leave united behind one position," said Mr Robertson

    "This system only works when MPs are free to argue for what they believe is right

    "That is why I will move to amend caucus rules to ban factions from binding MPs.

    "This will end the practice whereby members of a faction can be locked into voting a certain way, before the caucus has even considered an issue.

    "Instead, MPs will be empowered to make decisions based on what they believe is in the best interests of their constituents and the people of NSW.

    "These changes set a new standard for Labor MPs and party members."

    Read John Robertson’s speech and the policy document here.

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