Bikie gang violence out of control

    Posted: Monday, 6 February 2012 | By: John Robertson

    Yet another weekend of bikie gang violence has hit the streets of Sydney – culminating in the shooting of a man in Punchbowl overnight and a 60 man bikie brawl in Kings Cross, Opposition Leader John Robertson said today.

    "Bikie gang violence and drive by shootings are spiralling out of control under the O'Farrell Government, with 61 shootings in just ten months," Mr Robertson said.

    "In the space of just two days we have seen a man shot three times at Punchbowl and police punched and spat at during a fight between 60 gang members in Kings Cross.

    "This comes on top of news that Comanchero gang members from Sydney flew down to Adelaide to carry out the hit on bikie boss Vincento Focarelli, which ultimately killed his stepson.

    "The O'Farrell Government cannot just stand by while bikie gang violence takes over Sydney streets.
    "If bikies attacking police officers on one of the busiest streets in Sydney and 61 drive by shootings aren’t enough to get Barry O'Farrell's attention, what is?

    "Local residents in areas affected by these shootings would be forgiven for asking if it will take the death of an innocent bystander to force Barry O'Farrell into action.

    "It is only a matter of time before an innocent bystander or child is injured or killed. It’s a miracle it hasn’t happened so far.

    "Police need three things to end the violence – tough anti bikie laws to stop these criminals in their tracks, cash rewards to encourage witnesses to come forward with information and more police on the ground to protect the community and deter further attacks.

    "Barry O'Farrell expects our hardworking police to fight this war with both hands tied behind their backs – it's not good enough.

    "If these shootings were happening in the Premier's electorate of Ku-ring-gai, the streets would be flooded with police.

    "Barry O'Farrell seems to have taken the attitude that residents in south and western Sydney should just learn to live with the violence.

    "It shouldn't take the death of an innocent bystander to compel the Premier to act – by then it will be too late."

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