Government pulls pin on Wynyard infrastructure

    Posted: Thursday, 16 June 2011 | By: Penny Sharpe

    Shadow Transport Minister Penny Sharpe today called on the Government to explain how it plans to accommodate the 13,000 extra workers who will travel to Barangaroo via Wynyard Station over the next decade.

    "The O'Farrell Government has no plans to cope with the 13,000 extra workers expected to descend on Wynyard Station over the next decade," Shadow Transport Minister Penny Sharpe said.

    "Despite knowing the huge pressure that will be on Wynyard Station over the next decade with 22,000 new jobs to be created at Barangaroo, the Government has scrapped plans for an extra underground tunnel and two new platforms at Wynyard Station.

    "The Transport Minister dumped the former Government's plans for a CBD Relief Line and two additional platforms at Wynyard Station – now she must explain how she plans to manage these 13,000 extra commuters.

    "Failure to plan for these extra commuters will impact on all commuters across the CityRail network, not just those trying to get to Barangaroo.

    "Commuters standing on Wynyard Station platforms every morning and afternoon know there is little room for extra passengers – the Transport Minister must explain how she plans to address this issue.

    "It is simply not good enough for the Government to scrap a plan that would deal with these 13,000 extra passengers and not provide any viable alternative."

    Ms Sharpe said the Government's decision to build the North West Rail Link without building new stations or platforms in the CBD would only worsen the problem.

    "Advice from experts clearly shows that in order to introduce trains from the North West cuts to services will be required on other lines," Ms Sharpe said.

    "Scrapping the CBD Relief Line and introducing the North West and South West Rail Links will only exacerbate congestion at CBD stations.

    "There is no point plugging new rail links into our congested rail network without providing extra capacity at the locations commuters are trying to get to."

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