New inner-city affordable housing block

    Posted: Thursday, 16 December 2010 | By: NSW Labor

    Premier Kristina Keneally and Minister for Housing, Frank Terenzini, today opened a new $20 million affordable housing development in O’Dea Street, Zetland.

    The 57-unit development has been delivered by City West Housing in the Green Square precinct, providing new housing for people on low to moderate incomes.

    The building was funded by City West Housing, developer contributions, the Nation Building Economic Stimulus Plan and the National Rental Affordability Scheme.

    Thirty eight of the units have been allocated to social housing tenants, and the remaining 19 will go to people on low incomes.

    The building includes one, two and three bedroom units and commercial space in the lower levels that will be leased as a café or restaurant.

    The building has been constructed to high environmental and building standards, with features including:

    * Cross flow ventilation and windows designed to maximize light flow, helping to minimise electricity costs;
    * Energy efficient appliances for water, energy efficient lighting (bulbs) in foyers;
    * Ventilated communal areas;
    * A gas fired hot water system; and
    * Grey collection systems for watering landscaped areas.

    Ms Keneally welcomed the completion of the latest affordable housing project for people in the inner Sydney area.

    “This building is striking in design, sets new standards in construction, and offers secure, affordable housing to people on low to moderate incomes,” Ms Keneally said.

    “This building is the flagship of a series of successful affordable housing projects delivered by City West Housing in inner city areas in recent years.

    “Today we already have tenants moving in to enjoy their new homes, including a dental assistant, a security officer, a child care worker and a fitness instructor.”

    Mr Terenzini described the new development as the pinnacle of a very effective affordable housing model delivered by the not-for-profit City West housing company.

    “This building will provide a home for more than 100 residents, and City West has surpassed itself here in terms of design and delivery,” Mr Terenzini said.

    “The building design will both ensure a minimal impact on the environment, and keep utility costs for tenants down.”

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    Background notes

    City West Housing

    * City West Housing Pty Ltd is an incorporated not for profit company established by the NSW Government.
    * Originally City West Housing implemented affordable housing for low, low to moderate and moderate income households in the Ultimo/Pyrmont area. In 1998, the company’s area of operation was expanded to include Green Square.
    * City West Housing receives funding and income from the following sources:

    - Development contributions levied from the private sector by the City of Sydney Council for affordable housing under the Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2005 (LEP 2005);
    - Rents received from its tenancy portfolio;
    - Some limited permissible sales of its properties (up to 15% of its stock every two years);
    - Federal Government funding

    Under the model of City West Housing Model, units are allocated as follows:
    - 10 per cent to people on moderate incomes (between $50,000 and $85,000)
    - 20 per cent to people on intermediate incomes (between $30,000 and $50,000 per annum)
    - 70 per cent to people on low incomes (up to $30,000 per annum)
    Design elements of this building

    The building design methodology adopted creates an environmentally sensitive, cost effective home for tenants. The design maximises and encourages efficiencies in water usage and energy consumption. Design features include:
    - Significant use of natural ventilation, with all units enjoying dual aspect.
    - Access to all units is via naturally lit and ventilated entrances
    - Lobbies which are of double height to maximise natural ventilation.
    - Maximum use of sunlight (55 of the 57 units are north facing).
    - Hot water is provided to all units by a central and efficient gas fired system.
    - All units are fitted with both hot and cold water meters to enable tenants to gauge their usage and to encourage efficient use.
    - All units have horizontal bathroom and laundry ventilation activated by the light switch. This is as opposed to the usual vertical ventilation systems for multi storey apartment buildings which run nonstop.
    - Grey water systems collect and retain on site in tanks for irrigation of landscaped areas.
    - All units are fitted with water saving devices.
    - Cooking and heating is by natural gas.
    - All units are accessible by both ramps and passenger lifts to provide easy access, and particularly to assist the elderly people and those who live with disabilities.

    Two units are designed to be fully fitted out to accommodate people with disabilities with the remaining units in the building able to be converted or adapted should there be a need as final applicants are selected.

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