Piccoli puts anti bullying program in limbo

    Posted: Thursday, 9 February 2012 | By: John Robertson ,Carmel Tebbutt

    Education Minister Adrian Piccoli has left funding for anti bullying programs in NSW schools in limbo – and is threatening to leave students without prevention strategies to deal with bullying, Opposition Leader John Robertson said today.

    Mr Robertson said the Education Minister had to reverse his appalling attack on NSW school students and reinstate funding for the Enough is Enough anti bullying program immediately.

    Enough is Enough was founded by anti violence crusader Ken Marslew after his son Michael was shot dead in an armed robbery and runs award winning anti bullying programs.

    "The Education Minister's failure to fund award winning anti bullying programs in NSW schools is nothing short of a disgrace," Mr Robertson said.

    "We all know our students face incredible challenges in our schools and online dealing with bullying. They deserve all the help they can get to fight bullying.

    "When he became Education Minister, Mr Piccoli said fighting bullying in our schools was his top priority – but it appears this was nothing more than spin.

    "It would cost only $64,000 from the Education Department's billion dollar budget to provide anti bullying strategies to more than 6,000 school students across the State.

    "This is just the latest attack by the O'Farrell Government on some of the most vulnerable in our community. There is no excuse for an Education Minister unwilling to stick up for the needs of school students who are bullied.

    "Barry O'Farrell needs to do the only right and proper thing and sack Adrian Piccoli."

    Shadow Education Minister Carmel Tebbutt said Adrian Piccoli had proved yet again that he was unfit to be Education Minister.

    "This is just the latest attack on school students by the Education Minister who has already left thousands of disabled students stranded without transport to school because of his incompetence," Ms Tebbutt said.

    "Failing to renew transport contracts for students with disabilities and threatening to cut anti bullying programs proves Mr Piccoli is no longer fit to represent the needs of NSW students.

    "It is abundantly clear the Education Minister cannot be trusted to act in the best interests of NSW school students. He must go."

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