Skinner outs personal vendetta before health

    Posted: Friday, 10 February 2012 | By: John Robertson ,Andrew McDonald

    The Minister has also been accused of politicising local health network boards by board member, Daniel Petre AO - who has resigned in protest over the Minister's disgraceful behaviour.

    "Health Minister Jillian Skinner is running our health system based on personal vendettas instead of what is in the best interests of patients," Opposition Leader John Robertson said.

    "Roger Corbett has been involved with the Children's Hospital for years and sits on the board of the Reserve Bank. He brings a wealth of experience to the role of Chairman of the Sydney Children's Hospital Network and has fundraised millions for NSW hospitals.

    "Jillian Skinner's disgraceful behavior is an insight into the O'Farrell Government's real priorities."

    Shadow Health Minister, Dr Andrew McDonald said the Minister was forcing health boards to act as political puppets to the detriment of patient care.

    "Jillian Skinner is trying to politicise local health networks and sacking anyone who disagrees with her iron rule," Dr McDonald said.

    "Local health networks are there to advocate on behalf of local hospitals and patient needs – not act as puppets for an inept and vindictive Health Minister.

    "How much money will our hospitals miss out on now that the Minister has inappropriately sacked one of their most successful fundraisers and champions, Roger Corbett?"

    In a damning letter to the Premier, Minister and board members, Mr Petre said the Health Minister had shown a complete disregard for the role of government boards with the decision to sack Chairman Corbett.

    ''To remove the SCHN chair without any due process nor clearly documented reasons, shows a complete disregard to any normalised governance procedure."

    (Daniel Petre letter to Minister Skinner, 8 February 2012)

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